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In 1994, after coming from a world of stand-up comedy and a life of sound study, Mike entered the radio business.. He started listening to radio parody services."What I heard from well established parody services was so disappointing. I couldn't believe that these were the 'Big Guys' of parodies".

So...Mike set out to create some of the most intricate and detailed parody productions the industry had ever heard.  He called it "Parody Central". This was the height of the O.J. Simpson court case. His imitations of Judge Ito, Marsha Clark, Johnny Cochran and more, were an instant success! That same year, Harry Shearer of "The Simpsons" TV series had released a CD of his own voices and skits from O.J. courtroom scenarios, showcased on The Tonight Show. Harry's work paled in comparison to what Mike had accomplished.

The Parody Service was discontinued in 1996 but Mike occasionally releases new work.

"But wait! There's More!"

Many other character & imitation voices are available that are not displayed here. You can also request something new that may be topical. Mike is the single most talent to offer voices of importance whenever he can!

Demonstration Only!

This material is provided for demonstration purposes only.  Public performance by any media is strictly prohibited.


This audio may contain Celebrity imitations and is considered "Parody". Any resemblance to the real person(s) is deliberate and intentional.



Parodies (1998 - 2008)

Lunch with Bill Clinton & Obama - 2008

(time 1:21)

The times are changing, and voices along with them. Never one to fall behind; Mike recently added Obama & McCain to the list. Obama and Bill Clinton had a lunch meeting. Newsmakers everywhere commented about being the fly on the wall! Here's a parody of what might have occurred. The bitter Hillary entering near the end is just classic.

Obama's Great Appointment - 2008

(time 2:00)

 As Obama starts his radio address, Hillary pops in to campaign for her appointment as Secretary of State. What follows is some "Green Acres" type chaos when Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush appear, disrupting Obama's address. Barack is less than amused. This is pure Kaminski illusion at it's best! Hollywood studios would scramble to find multiple talents to create what Mike accomplishes, single-handedly.

The Clintons Private Dinner - 1998

(time 2:06)

One of the earliest "Clinton" parodies. Have you ever imagined what the Clintons are like behind the scenes?  Mike's imitation of Hillary is a tragic comedy in itself. But this classic dinner party has much to offer!  Bill, Hillary and the Rolling Stones!  It can't get much better..or worse, except for the fact that Hillary insists that Bill keep his mouth shut!!

Clinton & the Waco Papers - 1998

(time 1:14)

Most of you remember this debauchery. In this bit, Clinton finds the papers in his own desk...then relocates them.


Medical Blunders

(time 1:31)

Frequently in the News. Doctors amputating the wrong foot, and other mishaps that are simply unbelievable. This bit is tragically funny with some very clever humor. There's a lot going on so pay close attention.


Below are a few original archives from the 1994-96 Parody Central Productions

The Club - Auto Security - 1994  (time 1:04)

A Clint Eastwood VO is the hero in this parody about how effective the "club" can be...even if it's not installed. The custom sound Foley is great! 

Mike Kaminski

White Angel - 1996  (time 1:27)

Oh, there's always an opportunity to cry racism about something. In this Christmas piece, someone starts an issue about the fact that the angel atop the tree is White.

Marcia Clark marries Chris Darden - 1996  (time 2:49)


It was such big news at the time!  Marsha Clark was getting married to Chris Darden?  Nah, they just had an affair.  This parody is produced in a sitcom format. Laugh tracks and all! The style of humor is a lot of fun!