Mike's Classic "Phoners" as "the voice on the phone"

Unfortunately the Phone Voice Service is no longer available but will entertain you and give additional insight of what Mike is really capable of. These were done as live, unrehearsed performances. Personally, I couldn't believe it was the same person!

These "phoners" are from up to 15 years ago with morning show DJ's M.J. Kelly & B.J. Harris of Tampa, FL's 93.3 - WFLZ.
Others were done with Bubba the Love Sponge from Tampa's 98 Rock. They are some of the most authentic sounding, obscure and realistic phoners I've heard in radio and I've heard a lot of them!  The way Mike is able to react to things as each character is so realistic, I cannot even begin to describe it.

"Oh, these are classic! The guys would talk with me briefly, about vague descriptions of what was about to take place and I'd make a few notes...but the rest was ad-lib. The end result is amazing, even for me to hear!
The actual performances were really draining...I was mentally "tired" after just one of these things!"
"In my youth my friends and I pulled some amazing stunts...way before the *69 option"  ~  Mike Kaminski

Here are a few of the "phoners" produced by Mike










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