Sound Design Reviews

“People wouldn’t like the same graphics in newer game titles.
Why should they tolerate the same sounds for so many years?!”    ~ Mike Kaminski



  Orchestral Theme Production

Custom Orchestral Themes for a logo or other media.  
Mike has more than 30 years of experience with soundtrack and theme study.

Here's one version of Mike's Universal Pictures Logo theme - - -

Mike Kaminski - Universal Theme

  Custom Voice & Weapon Audio for Gaming

Some of the most Extraordinary Voice & Audio Work you'll ever hear from a single talent!

You’ve likely heard Mike’s unique voice work, somewhere! 

Now, Mike offers his talents to Game Developers & Animators! 
 (Limited Availability)

He puts as much brilliance and detail into Game Sound as he does for the Voice Industry!


Mike does not function as an in-house Sound Designer. Instead, he specializes in custom areas for your needs.  He produces Specialty Voice Audio, Environments and Weapon Sounds for extremely immersive Gaming.
Known as “Awesund” to the gaming community, Mike has created new, original sound designs, custom-fitted to many games starting with the original Quake and SiN! His sound-mod work with Medal of Honor was published in PC Gamer and brought serious accolades from military personnel, praising the "Added Realism!”
With a firm knowledge of all aspects in Game Sound Programming, Surfaces and Parameters; Mike is familiar with how it all works. He's even built a few maps.
"I work with the programmers to give Gamers the best audio experiences possible!"

 Mike additionally functions as a Creative Consultant for many aspects of game design.

“Great sense of realism!”                       “A pleasure to work with!”

 'Bang for the Buck'  is a literal term, when you work with Mike!"

You can also hire Mike to review specific areas of your existing sound designs, or test-play the game! 
 He will most certainly have some attractive & innovative ideas.





Mike on Game Sound Design

So many games continue to use the same sound effects from known CD sound libraries. While some sounds may work fine, others do not...but they use them, anyway! 

They’re just too damned generic at this point!  We should all be familiar with a few common ricochet and gunshot sounds that seem to find their way into so many of our games…If the CD sound file reads, “Shotgun”, many designers will just insert that as the sound for the "Shotgun" without modifying how it fits the game or environment…A sound used for a pistol may not be effective when looped as an automatic weapon, but they'll use it anyway.  An empty clip makes a different sound than a full clip, when inserted into a gun. Slide-cocking a semi automatic pistol makes a different sound when there’s a full magazine vs. an empty one.  These details are constantly overlooked.  I feel that these things are not given enough attention.  I take sounds and re-work or customize them to be as effective as possible. I actually do go into the field and record my own sounds when needed. 
Total immersion is the desire of every gamer; so why not ensure that the customer is Absorbed and Happy!

If you’re audience is a mature one, you need quality voice acting. There’s nothing worse than an otherwise competent game, getting a ‘Fail’ for voice acting and sound design!  The immersion looses crucial elements.  Convincing voice work is as essential for Gaming as it is for Animation and Motion Picture! 

Another area where even the best intentions can fail is with unrealistic or annoying use of the sounds or voices; and how they’re programmed to play or repeat.  Designers should produce more sounds/lines to be played in a random sequence.  The more variables available, the better the experience.