Specialty Voice Overs for Radio & TV imaging

"What is this?"

It is professional quality Creative Voice Acting for use in your ID's Sweeps & Promos. It ensures that your station stands out from the others. It will get attention and revere!
You will have access to incredibly effective and convincing character voices of all dimensions. Not to mention some of the highest rated Celebrity imitations on the planet!
All with a quality that will have your listeners in a serious state of shock, remorse, gossip and laughter!

Since Mike doesn't function as your primary Image Voice (although some find ways to do that in certain instances), you use him with your primary VO Guy.
The service is available to Radio & TV Stations on an incredibly affordable monthly retainer. It is so affordable because of two main reasons..First, since there is no actual "live hookup" via ISDN, an obvious cost savings occurs there.
Additionally, valuable time spent in "Live Sessions" is also spared. Simply send your scripts via email along with complete instructions and the idea of what you want. What you'll get in return is a complete,  pre-edited MP3 containing only the good stuff. (Only the best quality tales, out-takes and ad-libs)
All pauses, throat clears, stammering, stuttering, interruptions and screw-ups are completely removed :)

So..you won't have to go through a whole session of odd lines and crap to find what you need!

"It works beautifully"

And since you don't need to sit in on a session, you have time to do other things.
Just email your doc of copy and you will be emailed the completed MP3 file. Download it at your convenience.
Mike's years of experience in Stand-up comedy, imrov, commercial work, writing, radio broadcast and other areas of character & comedy production ensures that you can easily get more than you asked for! Many producers find themselves using his ad-libs with or instead of their original idea for added listener entertainment. That equals ratings!
To Mike...it's all about listener enjoyment!
If all you want is a 9 to 5 job, producing endless amounts of audio, regardless of quality and entertainment value, this service is not for you.
Please go to the Main Demo Page for soe fantastic audio examples of how many creative talents have utilized Mike's voice work to take station imaging to new levels.

"You've never heard anything like this before...I Guarantee it!"
Thank you!
~ Mike S. Kaminski

This service cannot be beat!

Not in price, Not in quality and certainly not in the End Result...your final productions and listener appreciation!

**This service is not for everyone!
It is market exclusive and has limited availability.

Please contact Mike for availability in your market.

Listen to the DEMO page ,if you haven't already.
Hear what it's all about. If you can imagine it, Mike can help you make it happen.

Thank you for your interest & enjoy the demos.

This material is provided for demonstration purposes only. Public performance by any media is strictly prohibited.

This audio may contain Celebrity imitations and is considered "parody". Any resemblance to the real person(s) is deliberate and intentional.

Get some REAL attention!!